Saturday, September 30th & Sunday, October 1st

New Dates! (actually, back to the old dates)

Corrales Harvest Festival Arts & Crafts Show

The Harvest Festival Art Show is a tradtion going back over 20 years and features local and nearby Artists & Craftsmen. Come join us in shady La Entrada Park (the Library park) starting after the Pet Parade on Saturday til 5 pm and 9 am - 5 pm on Sunday!


Artists exhibiting in this year's show:
Archibeque, Gigi
Arvio, Rachel
Aubuchon, Wade & Winnie
Barkley, Barbara
Bass, Daryl
Michael Colombo
Bathje, Ron
Chama, Sylvia
Chavez, Joslin
Considine, Elizabeth (Kid's T-Shirt Contest Winner)
Crockett, Wendy Sweetwater Herbs
Crosier, Neal
Doyle, Maggie
Fiset, Lyra
Hogan, Thomas
Horger, Taylor
Lamoveaux, Susan
Lavin, Ronnie
Maeder, Kerry
Malavolta, Steve
McCormick, Scott
McCullough, Michael C.
McDaniel, Dana S. & McGowan, Ron J.
McDevitt, Traci
Miera, Rudy
Milane, Kae Willow
Miller, Kelly D.
Miller, Ashley
Moench, Sandra
O'Brien, Nancy
Olsen, Christian
Reimer, Susie
Ricci, Clorinda
Rickson, Brianna
Riolo, Robert
Roberts, Liz
Russell, Jasmine
Santiago, David
Saunders, John
Schuh, Larry
Silva, Sarah
Thomson, Lori
Tran, Alex
Webb, Diana M.
Willougby, Suki
Wilson, Kristen

Artists Paint Corrales!

Thirteen talented plein air artists have spent nine weeks capturing the beautiful
village of Corrales and will exhibit their completed paintings at the Art Show in booths A42 & A43
in La Entrada Park.
The Artists:
Marian Berg - Oil
Anita Blythe - Oil and Pastel
Katie Chavez Bessom - Pastel and Oil
Michelle Chrisman - Oil
Barbara Clark - Oil
Susana Erling - Oil
Lanie Felder - Oil
Lavon Maestas - Oil and Acrylic
Jillian Maresco - Watercolor and Acrylic
Pat Rios - Oil
Louisa Roberts - Oil and Pastel
Dee Sanchez - Oil (2016 Poster Artist)
Lisa Zawadaski - Pastel