Saturday, September 30th & Sunday, October 1st

New Dates! (actually, back to the old dates)

Pet Mayor Contest!

Thank You for voting in the annual Pet Mayor of Corrales Election. To honor Corrales as a pet friendly community, the election was used to help raise funds for organizations and activities meeting the needs of the two-legged and four-legged members of the Village. The Pet that received the most votes (and $$) was chosen as the new Pet Mayor for 2016 with all duties and privileges of the office.   The election raised almost $2700!
Results in order of $ raised:

Woody - Corrales Pet Mayor!

#1 - Woody
"Blind & Beautiful"

#2 - Cooper
"Cooper the Pooper"

#3 - Hamilton Bobrick
"Hog Heaven"

#4 "Rosemary" (the Rooster!)

#5 - Jake
"Jake the Snake"
Question? Contact Abby:  (505) 321-0377    

Voting began the last week of August and ended during the Corrales Harvest Festival the third weekend of October. Polling stations were set up at the various businesses that sponsor candidates, at the Corrales Growers Market, and at the Harvest Festival. The winner was announced at the Festival on Sunday, October 16th where all participants received awards and prizes.

Candidate Expectations

The success of the Pet Mayor Election is dependent on the excitement, enthusiasm, and momentum built by its candidates. As with most elections these days, there are few rules except one: TO GET VOTES! Voters placed their votes by putting money ($1 per vote) into unique bins at various locations throughout the voting period of about 6 weeks. The candidate with the most “votes” (i.e. the pet that has raised the most money) was the winner of the Mayor's race. Other “officers” were elected as well depending upon the number of candidates and types of pets. The winner was announced on the last day of the Harvest Festival, along with other officers. All were awarded prizes.